30 09 2009

Vision can be strong, powerful, and uncomfortable for the uninitiated.  It is strong because if truth is involved, as in a benevolent positive life force, goosebumps, energy shaking etc can occur.  It can be uncomfortable because our bodies may not be used to having positive energy surge through.

Vision can also be ignored, pooh poohed, and forgotten.  Crabs in a bucket have a tendency to reach up and grab other crabs trying to escape.  If we find ourselves in a group of people going about their lives in a way that they feel comfortable and used to, then someone coming along and saying, “Hey, I’ve got an idea.”  Is not always what they want to hear.

Vision is a glass ceiling and walls I’ve bumped into all my life with bipolar and been clueless for many years as to how and why I keep getting these bruises.  The biggest gift from having eyes and a soul wide open to potential around us and in us is the beauty of seeing the good in life, in others, in our futures.  It is my experience with bipolar that a certain aspect of me is hardwired to this reality.  No matter how many times I’ve given up and collapsed back into my cave or turned my back on vision of good, some part some chord some aspect of the me/soul that I am always sees the good.  I am very grateful for this.

It is Vision, and the actions towards positive visions and outcomes that have kept me alive through all the dark times, and allowed me to alter the course of my life into bigger and bigger, more fun playgrounds adventures and experiences.  At first I thought it was impossible to have big dreams and bring them to fruition.  Until I learned practical steps in manifestation.  Steps like writing out the ideas, collecting pictures, talking with trusted friends, putting everything on the fridge or inside the locker at work.

Because I was in such a dark space for so long before I ever heard about visions, the manifestation process, and taking babysteps towards dreams, I was hugely willing to run at my dreams to make a difference in my life.  I thank spirit everyday for visions now.  Every one I have completed has given me great satisfaction courage and strength to continue working towards improving the internal and external quality of my life and those I love.

When I run across naysayers and crabs in a bucket, I smile.  I quietly go about my business of vision making.  Time has often given me the gift of circling back with naysayers and crabs from buckets I used to live in and the reactions are usually, “You lucky crab”, or “George how the heck did you pull that one off?”  I smile.  If I could wave my magic wand and let the people who don’t currently see their vision have a burning desire as much as I have then I know it whatever it currently may be, wouldn’t matter.

Healthy visions, and daily steps towards working on them is a vital step towards consciously thriving with bipolar.

“Clear your energy, Honor your rhythm, Live your Vision.”




One response

17 10 2009

I love this line: “When I run across naysayers and crabs in a bucket, I smile. I quietly go about my business of vision making.”

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