Spiritual Retreats

29 09 2009

“Every human potential workshop I have ever attended has altered the course of my life in a positive direction.” pg 45 in my book Living Out of Darkness.

I’ve discovered a unique blend and flavor of people on this planet that comes from all walks of life and I like to call them my tribe.  We meet in spiritual workshops and go on journeys all over the planet.  It is in these groups that my healing journey began, healed and continues to, and continues to uplift and support me into my bigger and bigger visions.  How can I express gratitude for such an incredible experience and such a huge group of people?

I’m still buzzing from a retreat I just attended.  It was in an area of the planet that was sheer energy.  I slept maybe 2 or 3 hrs a night, and did nothing by hum in raw energy.  It was intense it was wonderful, and it was glorious to experience from the inside out.  It is exactly why I never want to use medications to treat my bipolar.   Because of my years of study and practice for how to stay grounded enough and functional enough to interact with others and formats, when I come into incredible amounts of natural energy that is on the planet, I can be with it, and not have to control, numb out, act out, deny or be clueless as to what is going on.

I used to freak out because I didn’t know what was going on with my body.  But now I can allow it to surge through me and use it to see more clearly what is really going on around me, to be able to speak what I see, and move where I need to be.

Retreats with like minded individuals and authentic spiritual leaders are a peak experience for me.  There is little worry about judgement or activity I’m not interested in, the food is excellent and healthy and the locations I chose are peaceful.

My experience many years ago of self regulating through drugs and alcohol, morphed into a hell I will never forget.  Spiritual Retreats are the exact opposite.  With a focussed healthy bipolar practice  they morph into a slice of heaven.  To be able to be comfortable in my power, to be able to see what’s going on inside of me, and to have a conscious healthy format to contribute my voice to what I see is going on in others, is a true gift I could never find enough gratitude or ways to express my thanks.  It is such a huge relief to be able to be in the grounded high mode, and be of service to others.  It feels like exactly what I was designed as a bipolar person to be.  It is exactly why if you are bipolar I couldn’t ask you more sincerely to consider starting or continuing your journey with spiritual retreats.  It may be a little weird at first until you learn the ropes of what is and what is not appropriate, and or find the groups that work for you.  But once you do, I think you will find a home, and ever expanding groups of people that can see you as you are naturally in a functional way, and individuals that can give you the kind of support you need if your cycle goes down again.

It is the flip side of retreats, figuring out how to ease yourself back into life without too much of an upset.  I’ve found sceduling an extra week with no obligations is best so that all the visions and ideas that pop out have a period of time to get grounded and baby steps began to capture them.  With visions grounded in baby steps and a plan, I have something to focus my energy on and the joy of bringing my high state to tangible reality.  This is exactly what gives me hope if I find myself in the cave trying to crawl back into the sunshine.   It is probably the most important crucial element of a successful spiritually engaged bipolar journey.

Bottom line.  There is huge amounts of support for your bipolar journey available if you set an intention to find it, and go for it.

In deep peace and gratitude this day,




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17 10 2009

I just loved this whole post 🙂

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